Executive Committee

We are proud to be a democratically governed, member-led society. Our executive committee is elected by all members every two years. 

ELECTIONS: Executive Committee 2017-2019 

Elections to the Fabian Society executive committee take place in September and October. Members of the Fabian Society are invited to nominate themselves for election by 11 August 2017. Click here for more information.

Executive Committee 2015-2017 

Kate Green MP (chair)

Ade Adeyemi

Ivana Bartoletti

Sara Ibrahim (vice chair)

Sadiq Khan

Seema Malhotra MP

Alison McGovern MP

Reema Patel

Baroness Jan Royall

Sarah Sackman

Representing local Fabian Societies

Sally Prentice

James Roberts (vice chair)

Howard Stoate

Other members

Fabian Women – Sara Hyde

Scottish Fabians – Catriona Munro

Staff representative – Cameron Tait

Treasurer – David Chaplin

Welsh Convenor - vacant

Young Fabians – Ellie Groves


Vice presidents

The society’s vice presidents are elected for life, in recognition of their longstanding and prominent contribution to the Fabian Society and the British left. They do not sit on the executive committee.

Nick Butler

Lord Dubbs

Baroness Hayter

Rt Hon Dame Margaret Hodge MP

Lord Kinnock

Baroness Thornton