Funding for 2014/2015

The Fabian Society is funded by our members and subscribers; by organisations who award us grants and sponsorships in connection with specific projects; and by sales of publications and event tickets.

We are an unincorporated membership association (not a company or charity). Our financial year runs from 1st July to 30th June and we publish an annual report including audited accounts in advance of our Annual General Meeting in November.

Our membership income comes from subscriptions and supplementary donations from members, associate members, affiliates and institutional subscribers. In 2014/15 this amounted to £219,301. As of 30th of June 2015, we had 6,975 members, affiliates and subscribers. No single member or organisational affiliate/subscriber donated more than £5,000 to our general funds.

Income associated with specific research, editorial and events projects totalled £473,207 in 2014/15 and came from a wide range of companies, trade unions, non-profit organisations and trusts. These funders are declared alongside the specific events and publications they support and a full list for 2014/15 is provided below. Our funding relationships are governed by a published fundraising policy, approved by our executive committee. In particular this stipulates that we will not accept funding from companies’ whose practices are deemed to be unethical; and that we do not carry out lobbying projects.

The society is both a think tank and a membership association comprising mainly of members of the Labour Party. It therefore qualifies as a ‘members association’ under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000. This means that any payment associated with a project that ‘promotes policies for adoption by the Labour Party’ is a regulated political donation and must be declared to the Electoral Commission when in excess of £7,500. Only a small minority of our projects fall into this category, as we are a think tank not a campaigning organisation: our focus is not advocacy but research, debate and platforming ideas.