Partnership Opportunities

The Fabian Society warmly welcomes the support of partners and funders from a range of different sectors in helping the Society to pursue its aims and objectives.

There are a number of different ways that your organisation can work with and support the Fabian Society.

The Fabian Society offers a comprehensive range of partnership opportunities within our programme of events. The Fabians put on a large number of events throughout the year, ranging from large, national public conferences to private invitation-only stakeholder and expert roundtables. Each year we also run one of the largest fringe programmes at Labour Party Conference and have a presence at all three of the major political parties’ conferences.

The Fabian Society produces a variety of publications, including books, pamphlets, policy reports and periodicals. The majority of our publications are distributed to the entire Fabian membership as well as to key stakeholders within Westminster. Periodically, the Fabian Sociey also publishes longer books and project reports. To see our full range of existing publications, please visit our publications page.

The Society also produces the quarterly Fabian Review magazine which has a circulation of 7,500 including parliamentarians, policy makers and Fabian Society members throughout the country. Advertising, sponsorship and supplement opportunities are available.

The Fabians have a thriving research arm and welcome the support of partners to pursue desk research, ‘think-piece’ projects or public attitudes studies involving qualitative and/or quantitative fieldwork. We also conduct major policy commissions and inquiries. Our projects usually sit withing our key priority areas.

Please contact Alex Sanderson, our Partnerships and Events Manager, to discuss opportunities for partnerships in more detail.

Recent partners

Recent partners that have worked with the Fabian Society include:

Age Uk, Barrow Cadbury Trust, Bicom, Betterwold, Crisis, Cuadrilla, Dartmouth Street Trust, FES, FEPS, Groundwork, JRRT, NAPF, RSPB, TUC, Unison, WWF, The Webb Memorial Trust, Woman’s Institute, Woodland Trust

Conferences, Receptions, Lectures & Seminars

EEF, Electoral Reform Society, HSBC, ESBI, FEPS, European Commission, Food & Drink Federation, The Howard League for Penal Reform,  ICAEW, IOE, KPMG, PCG, TUFM

Trade Unions


Partner Organisations

Compass Institute of Education, the Guardian, the Independent, the Observer, E Sharp, Left Foot Forward, Progress, Labour List

Fundraising Policy

The Fabian Society is grateful for the support of external partners. Forms of support may include sponsorship of publications and events (conferences, seminars, lectures, receptions, etc), funding for research, and financial and other resources provided for other activities.

The Fabian Society is accountable to its members and all sponsorship must be open and transparent. The Society only pursues sponsorship for projects that advance the aims of the Fabian Society and does not undertake work at the behest of others merely to obtain funding. The Fabian Society is not a lobbying organisation and does not accept funding to provide access to policy makers and politicians.

The Fabian Society does not  accept funding from organisations whose activities the Society deems  to be unethical or who association with would damage the reputation of the Society. This includes, but is not limited to certain arms exporters (such as those exporting arms to regimes which violate human rights and manufacturers of landmines), manufacturers of tobacco and pornography, and companies whose activities in respect of employment, discrimination, the environment, taxation, corruption, intrusions on privacy and consumer protection are regarded as unacceptable). The General Secretary shall decide whether this rule may apply to a specific organisation.

You can read a full copy of the Fabian Society’s Fundraising Code of Practice here.