Adebusuyi Adeyemi

Adebusuyi Adeyemi

Adebusuyi Adeyemi is Chair of the Young Fabians Health Network

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Adebusuyi Adeyemi, Olivia Bailey

Ideas to improve BAME representation in the Labour party People who are black, Asian or from a minority ethnic background (BAME) are underrepresented in British politics. BAME people make up just 6 per cent of MPs, despite the fact they are 13 per cent of the population – a figure set to rise to more…


The Commonwealth, Europe and the left

Adebusuyi Adeyemi

Could you imagine a decent political leader from the Commonwealth seeking the advice of a British front-line political figure on the ‘left’? That looks ever more unlikely if things carry on as they are. The – at times – comical travails of recent events seem more suited to the 60′s slapstick Carry On series that…