Alex Adranghi

Alex Adranghi is Chair of the Young Fabians and member of Foundation for European Progressive Studies Young Academics Network.

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Breaking the mould

Alex Adranghi

‘One nation’ Labour didn’t work. It was nothing more than a brand, with no intellectual innovation; a cheap attempt to package some of the obvious established truths of the modern labour movement into a bland inoffensive narrative, that claimed to be inspirational and inclusive because it told you so. ‘One nation’s’ failure was compounded by…

Big Ben © Michael Righi

Last night’s group hug was a warning shot for Labour

Alex Adranghi

The smaller parties stole the show in the opposition debate last night on the BBC. One of the biggest talking points occurred at the end of the debate when the leaders of the three smaller progressive party leaders embracing in the now viral group hug. The symbolism is powerful. Three party leaders differentiating themselves against…

Fabians Launch

Happy Birthday! 130 years of the Fabian Society

Alex Adranghi

On January 4th 1884, one-hundred and thirty years ago in London, history was made. A Christian socialist group called the Fellowship of New Life was divided. Two competing primary objectives were tested, that of socialist spiritualism and another of economic and material affairs. At this meeting a new group was formed, one that would focus…