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Alison McGovern MP

Alison McGovern is MP for Wirral South.

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Ali McGovern

Budget 2017: what the chancellor should have said

Alison McGovern MP

With every budget there are three broad sets of questions. What are the problems in the economy? What is the government doing about them? And, often overlooked, what are they not doing? The interaction between these questions form the narratives that shape any budget response, but as with most political analysis, there is often far…


Book review: A sense of solidarity

Alison McGovern MP

Harriet Harman’s autobiography gives an insight into a sisterhood that has supported many and changed Britain for the better, writes Alison McGovern Ask any woman who has been senior in the Labour party in recent times – and many who were not senior at all – about Harriet Harman, and they will have a story…


With hope in our hearts

Alison McGovern MP

This may be controversial in some circles, but I have always been inspired by America. Whilst my brother, sister and I grew up watching the Olympics listening to my dad over-enthusiastically shouting for any athlete who might rob the USA of a medal, we also listened obsessively to the music of the United States: Aretha…