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Andrew Fagan

Andrew Fagan is senior lecturer & director of postgraduate studies at the Human Rights Centre and School of Law at the University of Essex. His latest book entitled Human Rights & Cultural Diversity will be published by Edinburgh University Press in February 2017

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Economic and social rights as human rights

Andrew Fagan

Many people in the UK live in a chronic state of fear and anxiety and a profound dissatisfaction with the way things are. There is a great deal to be concerned about: job insecurity, old age, increasingly uncertain access to health care, the lack of safe and affordable housing, schools, and even the pot-holes in…


Reasons to be fearful

Andrew Fagan

Liberal democracy and scapegoating minorities The stupefying election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States offers the most spectacular example of the vulnerability of the values which liberal democracy is based upon. Forgive the alarmism, but 2016 risks marking the point at which liberal democracy began a slow (or rapid) descent into…