Andrew Harrop

Andrew Harrop

Andrew Harrop is the General Secretary of the Fabian Society

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Local and National

Andrew Harrop, Tara Paterson, Tobias Phibbs

How the public wants the NHS to be both It is early days for the devolution of healthcare, but NHS localism has the potential to transform how public services are delivered in England. It offers the opportunity to make the NHS – a cherished 20th century institution – fit for the 21st century: responsive to…


Brexit becomes reality

Andrew Harrop

Our general secretary, Andrew Harrop writes a letter to our European friends For pro-Europeans in Britain the last six months have been devastating. For a while, after the 23 June referendum, there was a feeling of disbelief and defiance. Tens of thousands took to the streets. We said Brexit would never happen. We waited in…


Apocalypse soon?

Andrew Harrop

Labour is too weak to win and too strong to die. It needs to find a new cultural centre ground and consider how to work with others, writes Andrew Harrop The politics of 2016 may have been frenetic but now an uneasy calm has descended on the Labour party. The Corbynite left has won the big internal battles…