Anya Pearson

Anya Pearson is Assistant Editor at the Fabian Society. She has also written for the Guardian, the New Statesman and LabourList.

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Local Health Service report

The Local Health Service?

Anya Pearson, Ed Wallis

How to balance local control and national standards in access to health care The balance between national, local and frontline control in determining access to healthcare is a critical issue for the NHS. People usually think of health as a national service, but clinicians’ expert judgement and local level commissioning decisions have always played a…


Our essential books of 2014: This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein

Anya Pearson

This Changes Everything is arguably the most important non-governmental contribution to a crucial year for climate change, building up to UN talks in Paris in 2015. To Klein, climate change is a wake-up call to civilisation. In the face of the vested interests of capital and our collective indifference towards the planet, she attempts to…