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Universal basic income and the future of work

Andrew Harrop, Cameron Tait

A universal basic income is a regular payment from the state to every citizen. The idea dates back centuries and has been promoted by voices on the left and right. In its purest form, it would represent a radical simplification of both the social security and tax systems, and comes with significant advantages and disadvantages….


Getting back to work

Cameron Tait

The case for a universal skills allowance With little time to prepare a manifesto, Labour’s election campaign is in desperate need of flagship policies that can capture the public imagination. A universal skills allowance could be the big progressive idea of the 2017 campaign. A £1,000 ‘use it or lose it’ annual allowance to support…

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At the Crossroads

Cameron Tait

The future of British retail This is the report from the Fabian Society’s retail taskforce. The report finds that changes in the retail landscape could lead to more than 1 million job losses or a race to the bottom on working conditions. Despite this, the government’s industrial strategy continues to ignore the UK’s largest industry….