Caroline Flint MP

Caroline Flint MP

Caroline Flint is MP for Don Valley and a candidate in the deputy leader election.

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A fresh approach

Caroline Flint MP

As the UK speeds towards the European Union exit door, Caroline Flint argues it’s time for ‘Britonomics’ Dire economic warnings won’t persuade the public to abandon Brexit. The vote on June 23 last year was a political choice, not an economic one. Against prevailing opinion, the public voted out. The driving motivation was control over…


Childcare: Ensuring a good start in life

Caroline Flint MP, Sharon Hodgson MP

Early years education was unfinished business from previous Labour governments and putting in place a high quality, comprehensive service was one of the great achievements of our last term in office. In their two decades, the Thatcher and Major governments had failed to keep up with the changes in society – and the inequalities. When…