prof chris kyriacou

Chris Kyriacou

Chris Kyriacou is a Professor in Educational Psychology at the University of York and Vice Chair of the York Fabian Society.

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Dear Lucy Powell – what I’d like Labour to do for schools

Chris Kyriacou

Congratulations on your appointment as the Shadow Secretary of State for Education. At this week’s party conference, the development of Labour’s education policies for the next general election will start in earnest. I want to share with you five major issues that we need to address: Pupil well-being Going to school should be a happy…

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Education: Helping troubled pupils through social pedagogy

Chris Kyriacou

One of the major challenges facing professionals involved in the education and care of children in the UK concerns how best to meet the needs of troubled, vulnerable and disadvantaged children who are struggling at school and who have, for whatever reason, become disengaged from what schools have to offer. In recent years it is…