Chris Nicholas

Chris Nicholas is a media and technology businessman, having originally studied economics and sociology at Edinburgh University and then qualified as a barrister and in accountancy. For the last ten years he has also written and advised extensively on economic policy and taxation; and is currently writing a book on contemporary capitalism.

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A costly business

Chris Nicholas

Changes in business rates – the equivalent of council tax for businesses – are causing a storm of protest. The property values used to calculate business rates are being updated from the levels set seven years ago (having been deferred for two years to avoid this happening in an election year). As from the 1 April,…


Budget 2014: A curse on all your vanities

Chris Nicholas

For George Osborne, economics is always an extension of politics by other means. The budget on Wednesday was predictably entirely about next year’s election and, given his limited room to manoeuvre, adept. With Labour still failing to provide a credible economic alternative, the odds of a Conservative return to power are increasing. According to the…


The real enemies of business

Chris Nicholas

Conservatives claim “helping all Britain’s hard working businesses” is their essential rationale. In contrast, Labour is then portrayed as by definition anti-business. But, heavily favouring the City, ‘big business’ and international capital, Conservative policies have in reality been unsupportive, even detrimental for most British businesses. Yet Labour now risks being overtaken by economic recovery and…