Claire Leigh

Claire Leigh is former Young Fabians Vice Chair and is on the committee of the Fabian Women’s Network.

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10 Years of FWN: Women, power and the global backlash

Claire Leigh

Anyone who was under the illusion that we are living in a golden age for women should have found the past year a sobering experience. Around the world, women are under renewed attack, and we need to start thinking about this as a globalised phenomenon. The plight of women in Saudi Arabia, the kidnap of…


Generation Crisis: New Young Fabian pamphlet

Claire Leigh

Imagine a scenario in which two individuals – let’s call them John and Paul – are living in Britain. John is able to complete his school education, is financially supported through university, quickly moves into work and by the age of 30 has bought his first home. Later in life he can look forward to…