Claire Sewell

Claire Sewell is media and communications manager at the Fabian Society. She holds a History PhD from the University of Warwick. She wrote her thesis on the emergence of the carer in the context of post-war English and Welsh mental health care.

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Jenny Jeger Prize 2017

Claire Sewell

Prize for longer writing Winner | Our Shared Responsibility, by Jessica Toale Runner-up | Civic Socialism, by Ed Wallis The panel traditionally regard the General Secretary as ineligible for a prize, but that we thought For Us All by Andrew Harrop would otherwise have been an obvious prizewinner   Prize for shorter writing Winner | Childcare,…


Book review: In a new land

Claire Sewell

Lovers And Strangers: An Immigrant History Of Post-War Britain by Clair Wills, Allen Lane, £25 “That young man in the double-breasted suit and snapbrim trilby, grasping the handrail of the ship at Tilbury Dock, those girls in their crisp summer dresses…” It’s an image emblematic of an era of post-war migration: men and women from…


Book review: For whose benefit?

Claire Sewell

For Whose Benefit? The everyday realities of welfare reform, Ruth Patrick, Policy Press, 2017, £19.99 Since the general election, poverty has been hitting the headlines. The most recent critics of Conservative welfare cuts have included PM Gordon Brown who has warned: “There will soon be more people in poverty in May’s Britain – 15.7 million…