David Blunket

David Blunkett MP

David Blunkett is MP for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough.

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What worked

David Blunkett MP, Kate Green MP

‘What Worked’ looks at what the Labour Government got right and wrong on social exclusion since 1997, and how campaigners can make this issue a top priority for the next government. ‘What Worked’ follows the publication of ‘Hardest to Reach? The politics of multiple needs and exclusions‘. As all political parties look to make spending…


Mutual Action, Common Purpose

David Blunkett MP

The Third Sector forms a crucial part of Labour’s mission to build a fairer society. In this Fabian Freethinking paper, David Blunkett argues that the voluntary, community and not for profit sector have an increasingly important role in supporting people in an uncertain world, and supporting government in enabling people to help themselves.