David Walker

David Walker

David Walker is contributing editor to the Guardian’s Public Leaders Network and former director of public reporting at the Audit Commission.

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Richard Schneider

The dismembered state

David Walker, Polly Toynbee

It has been undermined by ideology and eroded by cuts. Yet, Polly Toynbee and David Walker argue, only the state can protect and provide for the common good More than ever, Labour needs to reclaim the state. For too long we have shied away from the very word. Now, with a cabinet set on its…


DevoManc: A rush to devolve political blame?

David Walker

Fabians have been intensely involved in the NHS since its birth and long may our engagement – as clinicians, NHS staff, analysts and political supporters of the collective interest in good health – continue. Our aim is, at one and the same time, to secure good care for all while ensuring it is financially supported….


Work and Business: Healthy competition

David Walker

Pollsters scored Ed Miliband’s promise to freeze energy prices as the hit of the 2013 conference season, and the intervention did his personal ratings no harm at all. It signalled both Labour’s newfound muscularity over corporate interests and a welcome eclecticism in thinking about markets, competition and consumers. Stewart Wood said the leadership had been…