Deborah Stoate

Deborah Stoate is the Local Fabian Societies Officer.

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The happy Fabian

Deborah Stoate

On the 134th anniversary of the Fabian Society, Deborah Stoate writes about the intriguing hinterland of Fabian founder Beatrice Webb  “How full and brimming over with happiness human life can be. How could this happiness become universal – or nearly universal – that is the problem.” Beatrice Webb, Diary 1 May 1897 When you think…


If these walls could talk

Deborah Stoate

Fabian members will probably know by now that the Fabian Society is moving from its Westminster offices at 11 Dartmouth Street to new premises just around the corner, in Petty France. You might, as I do, have mixed feelings about the move, given the significance of the building in Fabian and Labour history. Logically it…