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Dick Leonard

Dick Leonard, a former Labour MP, is an author and journalist

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Labour’s Brexit dilemma

Dick Leonard

Largely due to Keir Starmer’s skilful leadership in the House, Labour may have won a tactical victory over the Tories in last month’s Commons debate over the Brexit timetable. But the two recent by-elections suggest that it may be losing the strategic battle. Labour did equally badly in pro-remain Richmond Park and pro-leave Sleaford. It…

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How Labour could still win – and annul Brexit

Dick Leonard

The Labour ship is floating in dangerous waters, and it is far from certain that it will ultimately reach a safe harbour. Yet one declaration by Owen Smith, whether or not he succeeds in his challenge to Jeremy Corbyn, opens up at least the possibility of a happier outcome. This is his promise to hold…


The worst and the best British prime ministers

Dick Leonard

Britain has had 53 prime ministers. Who were the worst, and the best of these? For me, the criterion is not whether I agree or disagree with their policies. If it were, I should certainly include Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron among the worst. What I am seeking is to determine how effective they were…