Ed Wallis

Ed Wallis is policy manager at Locality. He was previously editor of the Fabian Review.

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Keeping it local

Ed Wallis

When Theresa May called a snap general election, it was supposed to call time on one of the most tumultuous periods in our political history. Politics has barely paused to catch breath since 23 June last year, when Britain’s political class was pitched into chaos by the vote to leave the EU. We saw a…

green places cover

Green Places

Ed Wallis

Putting the local environment at the heart of the devolution agenda The devolution agenda that is currently in full swing offers huge potential to support local environments and empower local communities. There are risks, however, that this promise will remain unfulfilled and that the economic focus of the ‘northern powerhouse’ will crowd out broader social,…


The green thread

Ed Wallis

In an evolving and fragmented devolution policy landscape, green infrastructure can be the ‘green thread’ that binds devo deals together, writes Ed Wallis.  For a long time, the environment has found itself cast to the periphery of political debate. The hopeful spirit of the early 21st century, which saw making poverty history and securing the…