Ernst Stetter

Ernst Stetter is the Secretary General of the FEPS.

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Our vision for a better society

Ernst Stetter

We all know there will be a number of crucial decisions taken in 2017. And we have to re-think how the European project continues in-line with the upcoming negotiations. Let us remind ourselves that we are celebrating 60 years of the Treaty of Rome this year. This marks the moment of Europe coming together, prospering…


Rethinking Europe in the crisis

Ernst Stetter

The central message of this collection is that the ground has shifted. The financial crisis discredited the neoliberal agenda, which had been in the ascendant since the 1980s. European social democracy found itself on the back foot, having bought into the dominant paradigm through the centrist approaches of the third way and the neue mitte….


Why progressives should not favour EU budget cuts

Ernst Stetter

We are now close to the final negotiation on the multiannual financial framework (MFF) of the EU for 2014–2020. A summit will be held on the 22nd November in Brussels. As always in European policies, and as always right before important decisions, the debate is becoming heated in some member states. For instance the vote…