Gerald Holtham

Gerald Holtham is a former director of the IPPR and has also been chief investment officer of Aviva and adviser to the Welsh minister of finance. He is currently Julian Hodge professor at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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Leaving the EU

Gerald Holtham

Leaving the EU seems to open a period of great uncertainty for the UK. There are many roads it might follow but you would have to be crazy, reckless or both to follow most of them. The range of sensible choices is in fact quite narrow. Let’s get down to practicalities. The UK cannot close…

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Contemporary collectivism

Gerald Holtham

 It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so. Attributed to Mark Twain Rapid or profound change can wrong-foot anyone. Political parties in the UK now face a challenge. Economic developments are making a number of public attitudes out of date or even obsolete….


Labour divisions

Gerald Holtham

As a long-time Labour party member and sympathiser, I despair. It is perfectly obvious that in many – though not all – policy areas, Jeremy Corbyn is right and the old Blair-Brownite consensus got things wrong. It is equally evident that Mr Corbyn is temperamentally unable to run a coconut shy, never mind a political…