James Coldwell

James Coldwell is a Labour councillor in Southwark and and works for responsible investment charity ShareAction.

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Progressive pointers

James Coldwell

A new package of ideas to take on rentier capitalism provides food for thought for Labour, writes James Coldwell Labour’s great victories – 1945, 1964, 1997 – occurred when the party conveyed a confident vision of the future. Whether its relative success in 2017 followed this formula is open to question. On the one hand,…


Book review: How to stop Brexit

James Coldwell

How to Stop Brexit (And Make Britain Great Again) by Nick Clegg, Bodley Head, £8.99 Even at the height of Cleggmania, I never understood the appeal of the then Liberal Democrat leader. Nick Clegg performed very strongly during the prime ministerial debates of 2010, but his default position was to define his party against Labour…


Book review: Labour’s great betrayal

James Coldwell

Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now?, Ian Dunt, Canbury Press, 2016, £7.99 Two months ago Theresa May called a snap general election to secure a personal mandate for Brexit. May then proceeded, during the campaign, to refuse any meaningful discussion of what this would mean. Happily, this absurd spectacle produced a hung parliament and stripped…