James Hallwood

James Hallwood is chair of the Young Fabians (2013-14)

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Labour has to be a home for Leave voters as well

James Hallwood

It’s easy to forget or ignore the fact that Labour wasn’t always pro-EU. From Gaitskell’s 1000 years of history and Benn’s five questions of democracy to Castle’s Oxford Union speech: left and right have had their sceptics. Had Benn lived longer, or indeed Healey, we can imagine the contributions they may have made to the…

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How to future-proof the union

James Hallwood

There is a year to go until the Scots vote on whether to remain in the UK. What is increasingly clear though, is that a ‘no’ vote would not be the end of the story – with all three unionist parties making it apparent that Scotland is likely to be devolved more powers if she…