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James Morris

James Morris is a partner at GQR and former pollster to Ed Miliband and the Labour party.

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How Labour can win again

James Morris

In 2020, after a decade of Tory rule, Britain will be desperate for something else; Labour will be something else and so Britons will be desperate for Labour. Or perhaps not. To succeed Labour needs to rely on more than a flawed syllogism; it needs to ensure Britain does really want change, it needs to…

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Window of change: what Labour’s next leader must do

James Morris

If McDonald’s wanted to sell upmarket steak, they’d need to do more than put porterhouse on the menu. Similarly, persuading votes to trust Labour on spending required more than the last minute addition of a fiscal lock at the front of the manifesto. But, while McDonald’s doesn’t need to transform itself into the Hawksmoor to…