Jessica Toale

Jessica Toale is the executive director of the Centre for Development Results and former political advisor to two shadow secretaries of state for international development. She also co-ordinates the Fabian Society International Group.

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Our Shared Responsibility

Jessica Toale

Delivering on the UN’s sustainable development goals in the UK The Sustainable Development Goals are an ambitious and potentially transformative framework, agreed by all of the countries in the world. They cover everything from combating poverty to addressing climate change and from creating more liveable cities to achieving gender equality. But more than one year…


Are we ready for an Asian future?

Jessica Toale

This week, Theresa May set out her 12 principles for Brexit. She pledged that Britain outside the European Union will be a “great, global trading nation” that is “respected around the world and strong, confident and united at home”. Fast-growing economies in Asia will be a key part of this strategy. George Osborne famously ramped up the…