Jim McMahon gs

Jim McMahon

Jim McMahon is MP for Oldham West and Royton and shadow minister for local government and devolution. He is an Oldham councillor.

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Educating for our future

Jim McMahon

Britain has a long way to go in order to create an education and skills system fit for the modern world. And if that was urgent before the EU referendum, now we are leaving it is critical that we prepare the foundations for a new settlement. As the Fabians have highlighted, globalisation, changing demographics and…


Power to the people

Jim McMahon

If we want to show how Labour can make a lasting difference to lives, we need to look to the local We know the power of people because we see it every day in our own communities. But too often people feel powerless to effect change in their lives because of the centralist way the…

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Devolution can mend our broken politics

Jim McMahon

In an era of widespread disillusionment with politicians and the political process, where the simple answers of populists or the do-nothing respite of apathy have an easy attraction for many people, the Scottish referendum proved that elections can still inspire voters to rigorous engagement and a turnout of 85 per cent. Devolution – how much…