John Mann

John Mann MP

John Mann is Labour MP for Bassetlaw and currently serves on the Treasury Select Committee.

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The spectators of poverty

John Mann MP

Early on a cold morning this April, hundreds of my constituents gathered to see the demolition of Harworth pit tower. The pit was opened in 1913 and since 1989 the tower, overlooking the A1, had been a local landmark telling people: ‘You are home’. Explosives were set off and a remote-controlled machine was sent in…


The Real Deal

John Mann MP

A radical rethink of UK drugs policy is outlined by senior backbencher John Mann MP in ‘The Real Deal‘. Using evidence from work done in his Bassetlaw constitency, he argues for a new approach to drugs classification, and for compulsory drugs treatment for addicts involved in crime In this Fabian Policy Report, Mann argues that…