karl pike

Karl Pike

Karl Pike is a PhD student and teaching associate at Queen Mary, University of London. He was previously an advisor to the shadow home secretary and the shadow foreign secretary.

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The politics of migration

Karl Pike

The former foreign secretary, David Miliband, observed a couple of years ago that all over the world there are “societies struggling to cope with migration, and to cope without it”. His words could be applied to the tension in British politics today: our economy and our society need migration, yet much of the political discourse…


Labour’s Brexit pain needs to become a plan

Karl Pike

It is tempting, as the Fabian Society general secretary has suggested, to hide beneath the duvet for hours, perhaps days, maybe weeks, as a pillar of Labour’s internationalist identity is smashed apart. From a political and Westminster perspective it is also tempting to stand and point as the campaign teams wither away; ambitious pledges are…


The utility of politics

Karl Pike

In the week where the Prime Minister was commenting on the arrangement of Jeremy Corbyn’s tie, I noticed an essay by James Meek which portrayed the Labour leader in a clingy green and brown number, with a funny hat and bow and arrow. Robin Hood, according to James Meek, “defies the system… stands up for…