Kate Green

Kate Green MP

Kate Green is MP for Stretford and Urmston and chair of the Fabian Society

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Shaping a better world

Kate Green MP

Few of us can remember a more turbulent year in politics than 2016. And it has only been a taster of what is yet to come. Especially for the left, the challenges are mounting, internationally and here at home. As I take over from Seema Malhotra, who has done such a brilliant job as Fabian…

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The route to power

Kate Green MP

Unity requires deeds as well as words if Labour is to win again, argues Kate Green MP I joined the Labour party for the same reason most members did: I wanted to fight for fairness and justice, and to make a difference to my community. Labour governments had transformed my prospects and those of my…


Put children first

Kate Green MP

The context for progressive policymaking has undergone massive change over the 60 years since Crosland wrote The Future of Socialism. Globalisation, technology, changing attitudes to women’s role, immigration, and increased longevity have all had an impact on patterns of family and working life, and the recent vote to leave the European Union has created further…