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Kate Green MP

Kate Green is MP for Stretford and Urmston and chair of the Fabian Society

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The next Labour government

Kate Green MP

This year’s Fabian New Year conference takes place as we watch an increasingly incompetent and deeply damaging Conservative government lurch from crisis to disaster. It reminds me of the Major years, the constant litany of mistake and misjudgement. Nonetheless, Major held grimly on for a full five-year term, before losing to the Labour landslide of…


Access to education

Kate Green MP

Anna Bird is right to highlight the glaring employment gap between disabled people and the working age population as a whole. While the number of disabled people in employment has increased in recent years, as a country, we continue to miss out on a huge pool of talent. This makes no sense for anyone. Not…

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Shaping a better world

Kate Green MP

Few of us can remember a more turbulent year in politics than 2016. And it has only been a taster of what is yet to come. Especially for the left, the challenges are mounting, internationally and here at home. As I take over from Seema Malhotra, who has done such a brilliant job as Fabian…