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London, UK. 10th Dec, 2016. Dawn Butler MP. Credit:  Vickie Flores/Alamy Live News

The rights stuff

Kate Murray

Labour is ready and able to take on the challenge of government, shadow women and equalities minister Dawn Butler tells Kate Murray Labour MPs are no strangers to getting grief from party activists. But the gentle chiding Dawn Butler has been receiving for not having her new year calendars ready to be delivered in her…


Fabian Review: Winter 2017

Kate Murray

This edition of Fabian Review focuses on how Labour needs to reshape the economy, with Michael Jacobs, Chi Onwurah MP, Caroline Flint MP, Andrew Cumbers and David Walker, plus Kate Murray interviews shadow equalities minister Dawn Butler MP. Also in this issue: Simon Toubeau on federalism and the European left. You can receive this publication free if you join the Fabian Society…


Winning the country

Kate Murray

New Labour was famous for its grasp of the importance of the message. Its communications strategy – or spin, depending on your perspective – is acknowledged to have played a crucial role in securing three consecutive election victories. More recently, the advances made by Labour under Jeremy Corbyn have been attributed, in part at least,…