Katie Ghose

Katie Ghose is Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society.

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Embracing democratic reform

Katie Ghose

With a leadership contest officially under way, Labour’s internal democracy will continue to preoccupy the party. Once this is concluded, it should urgently turn its attention to the state of the country’s democracy and the shape of its constitution following a vote to leave the EU. When Labour is on the rise, it embraces democratic…


Democratising devolution

Katie Ghose

In November, the UK‘s first ever ‘Citizens’ Assemblies’ on how its nations should be governed drew to a close. This ground-breaking project was run by universities from across the country together with the Electoral Reform Society, and aimed to give local people what politicians haven’t so far given them – a say on the devolution…


‘Cradle to Grave’ for new times

Katie Ghose

A few days ago I heard a homeless woman say she’d ‘worked all her life’ but ended up on the streets. Perhaps she’s the tip of the iceberg. A growing number of working people are relying on food banks, working too few hours or for too little money to buy enough food for the week….