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Lewis Baston is a psephologist and writer on politics, elections, history and corruption

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A final push

Lewis Baston

Labour won this campaign – but its task at the next election will be a complicated one, as Lewis Baston explains One should not slip into thinking that Labour ‘won’ the 2017 election. The Conservatives were still ahead on votes and seats and formed a government – shaky, to be sure, but Tory ministers are…

marginals cover

The message from the marginals

Lewis Baston

Labour’s performance in the English local elections of 2016 Labour averted a poor result in the 2016 local elections, but a lead in national share of the vote of 1 per cent is not enough to inspire confidence. There is absolutely nothing to be complacent about. In the last half-century, no opposition party that has…

green shoots 300

What happened to the Green surge?

Lewis Baston

The general election of 2015 did not exactly show ‘Green surge’. The rise in support for the Green Party was one of the second-tier stories of the election, lagging in importance behind the SNP landslide in Scotland, the collapse of the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives’ strong results in the marginal seats where they were…