Lisa Nandy MP

Lisa Nandy is MP for Wigan and Shadow Children's Minister.

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Rising Voices: How feminism can open up politics

Lisa Nandy MP

It’s often said that David Cameron has a women problem but it might be fairer to say that women have a David Cameron problem. In the four short years since Cameron became prime minister his government’s austerity programme has had disproportionate and devastating effects on many women, with ethnic minority, disabled and young women bearing…

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Five ways Labour will strengthen communities

Lisa Nandy MP

Some people say we’re losing our sense of community spirit. That’s just not true. Across the country there are 20 million people that volunteer in their local areas. In the last few days I’ve met people running grassroots sports clubs, helping people to believe there is life after a stroke, acting as a governor for…


Within Reach: focusing on the person

Lisa Nandy MP

In 1839 Thomas Carlyle said “the condition of the great body of people in a country is the condition of the country itself”, and yet 175 years later we still fail too many people with multiple, complex needs who are acutely in need of our help. Typically we start in the wrong place, with the…