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Luke Akehurst

Luke Akehurst has been a Labour party activist for over 20 years and has been a councillor in Hackney in East London since 2002.

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Getting into power

Luke Akehurst

Seven weeks ago, the task facing Jeremy Corbyn was a lot simpler – to survive politically. The assumption was that Labour would be crushed in the general election and the extent of that defeat would determine whether Corbyn could hold onto internal power within a much depleted party. Corbyn’s own contribution – in terms of…

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Pursuing centre-left politics in one country

Luke Akehurst

Both wings of the Labour party share some culpability for Thursday’s defeat. David Cameron has the ultimate responsibility, having gambled our place in the EU and the world in an unnecessary referendum as an electoral ploy to appease potential UKIP voters and a party management tactic to buy off his own Eurosceptics. But Tony Blair…