Marcus Roberts

Marcus Roberts is the Deputy General Secretary of the Fabian Society.

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Win, lose or draw, Labour needs to keep changing

Marcus Roberts

Politics has changed dramatically over the last five years. The coalition, the collapse of the LibDems, the rise of UKIP, the Greens and the SNP; all of this, plus voter anger towards the traditional parties has created a challenging environment for exploring new ideas of political, economic and societal renewal. The current moment has many…


More than passengers

Marcus Roberts

Britain’s transport policymaking is excessively centralised and cuts out local concerns. More Than Passengers is an exploration of devolution, contribution and responsibility in practical terms with relation to our nation’s transport needs. The need for a changed approach can be found in both the growing opposition to major transport projects like Crossrail or HS2 as…


How Miliband can take his ideas to the max

Marcus Roberts

Ed Miliband’s leadership has seen a renaissance in Labour thinking. Big ideas about the economy, the state and power itself have been at the heart of a fundamental revision of the Labour creed. But translating these ideas into practice often results either in an all-consuming discussion of the problem or a series of technocratic policy…