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Maria Eagle is Labour's candidate for Garston and Halewood. Follow @labourtransport

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Places to be: Speech from launch event

Maria Eagle

[Check against delivery] The general election is just over three weeks away. It’s the most important election in a generation. A choice not just between parties but between two competing visions of how our country can succeed. A Tory plan that says we can succeed with just a few at the top doing well. Where…


Labour’s Britain: A cleaner, greener economy

Maria Eagle

Rebuilding the nation in tough times but understanding the importance of the environment. That’s the mission and it’s one we’ve accomplished before. It was a Labour government in 1945 that built the NHS and created our national parks. Those were tough times with public spending constraints far greater than we’re seeing now. We can’t shy…


Time to get serious about transport’s contribution to climate change

Maria Eagle

Transport emissions are responsible for more than a fifth of the UK’s contribution to climate change. Ministers have failed to deliver the step change needed to tackle this environmental crisis, despite the coalition agreement pledge “to make the transport sector greener and more sustainable”. The truth is that we are running out of time to get…