Marie-Noelle Loewe

Marie-Noelle Loewe is a member of the Fabian network on international affairs. You can follow her on twitter @marieloewe

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Against a tyranny of the majority

Marie-Noelle Loewe

MPs need to learn from the past and show some courage on Europe Holding up American democracy as an ideal is rather unpopular today – with good reason. Yet while the world anxiously awaits the global fallout of President-elect Trump coming to office, it is worth remembering that the US democratic model has been admired…

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French lessons

Marie-Noelle Loewe

Marie-Noelle Loewe argues that the birth of Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche movement in France holds lessons for the moderate left here Sometimes, history does indeed repeat itself. So September 2016 has felt a lot like September last year: waiting for the result of the Labour leadership election, with a sense of doom that members are…


Time for Labour to take on UKIP

Marie-Noelle Loewe

Even before a single vote was cast in Thursday’s election, it was clear that UKIP would clean up. That the party has not made a more significant impact on the council landscape is mainly due to the UK’s first past the post system (pay attention, Liberal Democrats), but the specifics of the British electoral system…