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Mark Leonard is the Director of the European Council on Foreign Relations

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How should Labour engage with the Europe debate?

Mark Leonard

For the next 18 months, Europe will dominate the national political conversation. What part Labour will play, however, is still up for grabs. Wary of sharing a platform with David Cameron after the Scottish independence referendum, some in the party see little to be gained from getting involved in the cross-party campaign. And there is…

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The ‘In’ Crowd: Labour needs to define a pro-EU agenda

Mark Leonard

The genie of nationalism has been truly unleashed by Alex Salmond, and Labour now finds itself buffeted by unprecedented forces on either side of the border. Douglas Carswell has ripped apart the delicate Tory truce on Europe and the obscure back – bencher Bob Neill will make the European issue a key political cleavage when…


How Europe can be the future once again

Mark Leonard

Europe was the future once – and it could be once again. Pro-Europeans like to accuse Nigel Farage and the Eurosceptics of wanting to take the country back to the 1950s, perhaps the 1850s. But the uncomfortable truth is that they have done more to modernise their arguments and broaden their coalition than the pro-Europeans….