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Mike Gapes is Labour and Co-operative MP for Ilford South.

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European union

The referendum game

Mike Gapes MP

Despite recent difficulties the European Union is a great success.  Many others in the Balkans, in Turkey and Eastern Europe still aspire to join us.  Why should that be if it was the unmitigated failure portrayed by Europhobic politicians? In the 70 years between 1870 and 1940 there were three major European wars.   The Nobel…


Labour must stand firm and fight for Britain’s future in Europe

Mike Gapes MP

David Cameron’s much delayed, much anticipated and over-hyped Bloomberg speech will not resolve the internal Tory divisions on Europe. It is already clear that there has been no long lasting opinion poll boost. Indeed Labour appears to be strengthening its lead. But Cameron has opened up a potentially damaging process which could threaten the long-term…