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Paradise Papers 1

The Paradise Papers and the case for wealth taxes

Nick Donovan

For me, the most interesting part of the Paradise Papers offshore leak was an offhand comment about a tax payment made seventy years ago. The leak revealed that the Grosvenor estate in central London, owned by the Duke of Westminster’s family trusts, had been using offshore companies. “Landlordism” by WB Northrup, 1920, showing the Duke…


Continental Partnership

Nick Donovan

The path to a soft Brexit lies along a very narrow ridge, with vertiginous drops to hard Brexit on one side and to remain on the other. Even worse, we’re groping along in the dark, with each step – a Theresa May speech or a by-election result – sending some rocks clattering down the cliffs….

fifty - Victor-crop-grey

A one-off wealth tax

Nick Donovan

The repercussions of the global financial crisis still shape European politics. First, large public deficits developed as governments, in order to avoid a global depression, bailed out banks and propped up economies. This gave an opening to politicians on the right to place deficit reduction as the central economic task in the mind of the…