Paul Blomfield MP

Paul Blomfield is MP for Sheffield Central, Secretary of the All-Party Parliamentary Universities Group and a member of the Business Innovation and Skills Select Committee

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Low pay

Labour’s Britain: Tackling low pay culture

Paul Blomfield MP

Over the last couple of years I’ve campaigned with MPs and charities to regulate unscrupulous payday lending, and with some success.  But we haven’t tackled the underlying problem. The harsh truth is that too many people simply can’t make it from one payday to the next. The economic model introduced by Margaret Thatcher, with reducing labour costs at its heart, reversed a century-long movement to fairer wages. Over the last generation, 5-7% of the wealth produced by the people…

A floor of graduation caps

A proper graduate tax

Paul Blomfield MP

The chaos that has characterised this government’s approach to higher education has presented a threat to the sector and a challenge for Labour. Our universities are one of the great UK success stories, admired throughout the world. But they have been confused and undermined by Tory/Lib Dem policies. So what should a Labour vision for…