Peter Hain

Peter Hain, since November 2015 Lord Hain of Neath, was Labour MP for Neath 1991-2015 and served in the governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown for twelve years, seven in the Cabinet, including as Secretary of State for both Northern Ireland and Wales. His book, Back to the Future of Socialism, is published by Policy Press.

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England in a federal UK

Peter Hain

Answering the English question – left by what since 1999 has been an asymmetric devolution of power to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland but, the special case of London aside, not to England’s regions or city regions – remains the conspicuous, unfinished business of devolution. Despite devolution elsewhere England remains one of the most centralised…


Of mandarins and ministers: Securing power, not just office

Peter Hain

Ed Miliband’s Labour government will take office in the toughest of circumstances: our public services on the rack because of cuts, a weak economy with hesitant growth based upon personal debt, housing assets and consumer spending, and with a record trade deficit. Despite the constant Tory mantra, ‘it’s the deficit, stupid!’, all their targets on…

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Labour’s Britain: Going for growth

Peter Hain

The key to a successful Labour government from May 2015 lies in abandoning Tory/Lib Dem austerity and going for growth. All our ambitions for seeing that everyone shares in higher living standards, for restoring security at work, for expanding public services, for building a fairer society, and above all a strong economy, depend on economic…