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In awful isolation

Rachel Reeves MP

We must do more to tackle the UK’s loneliness epidemic, writes Rachel Reeves We are suffering from an epidemic of loneliness in Britain today. Everyone experiences loneliness – it is part of the human condition – but this is something more. More than 9 million people in the UK say that they always or often feel…


Lessons learned: Building a new economy

Rachel Reeves MP

In his first speech as leader of the Labour party, Ed Miliband said “we face a choice: we can return to business as usual or we can challenge old thinking to build a new economy”. Recent polling published by the Fabian Society shows that the British people share Ed’s thirst for change: a clear majority agree…


Why it matters: A living wage

Rachel Reeves MP

The living wage campaign is a powerful illustration of the type of change a one nation Labour government can achieve. A campaign that began in the east end of London, it is now a national movement, with communities coming together to confront low pay. It’s a movement which is about helping those at the bottom…