Reema Patel

Reema Patel is a programme manager at the RSA’s Action and Research Centre. She is an independent advisory board member of the international student, academic and professional network Rethinking Economics, which aims to propel a wider debate about the purpose of economics and also chairs the Fabian Society’s research & editorial committee

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Shared prosperity

Reema Patel

Voters who feel left behind want their concerns to be heard. A more inclusive economy offers a way to reconnect with them Over the last year, we have lived through two key moments in British democracy: the EU referendum and the general election. The immediate aftermath of the referendum vote revealed a profoundly divided Britain…


10 Years of FWN: Opening up local politics

Reema Patel

Last weekend, I chaired the Fabian Society’s session on devolution at the LGA Labour Conference where Graham Allen MP (Chair of the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee) urged local authorities and councillors to agree settlement that worked and could be negotiated upon for local government. At the same conference, Ed Miliband also pledged the…