Richard Corbett MEP

Richard Corbett is Labour MEP for Yorkshire & Humber.

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The crumbs of hope

Richard Corbett MEP

The crunch point on Brexit is fast approaching — Richard Corbett From the start, the government’s approach to Brexit has been characterised by divisions, confusion and chaos. And it took Theresa May far too long to accept the need to settle the three issues at the centre of the first phase of the negotiations –…


The next steps

Richard Corbett MEP

We’ll be running a regular series of pieces looking at the view from Brussels on Brexit with contributions from the UK and EU politicians playing key roles in the negotiations. To start the series, Richard Corbett MEP asks what is the EU planning while it waits for Britain to fire the Brexit starting pistol? Headlines…


Red lines

Richard Corbett MEP

Red lines are in vogue. It’s hard to find a politician who doesn’t want to draw one somewhere, and with Brexit negotiations just around the corner, migration is a current favourite. But the problem with red lines is that you must be careful not to lay them down somewhere they’re likely to trip you up…