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Robin Harvey

Robin joined the Fabian Society in September 2016 on the society's graduate scheme and now holds the position of events and communications officer. Prior to working at the Fabian Society, Robin studied international relations BSc at the London School of Economics. Robin is interested in foreign policy, cyber security, defence, political economy and media. He is currently a steering committee member of the Fabian International Policy Group.

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A secure and global Britain

Robin Harvey

The Conservatives have nothing to say on foreign policy other than parroted lines on Brexit. Theresa May’s ‘strong and stable’ general election mantra means nothing and reveals a lack of policies or vision for Britain’s place in the world. Labour can differentiate itself from the Conservatives with a clear and patriotic vision of a globally…

Soldiers of 2 Royal Anglian Silhouetted in Afghanistan

A new deterrence

Robin Harvey

Hybrid warfare and the future of NATO defence policy On Saturday 18 March the first 150 of 800 UK armed forces troops landed in Estonia, as part of the UK’s commitment to defending NATO’s Eastern border. The 150 troops will establish a military base in time for the arrival of the further soldiers, tanks and…


Fire without smoke

Robin Harvey

The challenge of cyber warfare to policy makers At the Fabian Society New Year conference the shadow foreign secretary, Emily Thornberry, was asked hypothetically whether NATO should support Estonia if Russian troops crossed the border. Thornberry responded in a surprising way by saying that Russia had already attacked Estonia, and NATO had done nothing. Thornberry…