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Rowenna Davis

Rowenna Davis is a teacher and author of the book about Blue Labour, Tangled up in the Blue. She was Labour's parliamentary candidate for Southampton Itchen in 2015.

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Petrol station Nevada

A political earthquake

Rowenna Davis

A political earthquake. That’s the metaphor that stuck. New fault lines tore up the most powerful country on the planet on November 8, as the institutions of the left crumpled and collapsed. Millions of Democrats are still confusedly picking amongst the dust and rubble. Why wasn’t our side strong enough to withstand such a blow?…

Bank notes

Why it matters: Cap interest rates

Rowenna Davis

A mum is tapping on her phone in Southampton. A few clicks on the new Wonga app and she can get a loan. She knows the interest rates are crazy, but the kids are going back to school and they need new uniforms, and the rent hasn’t gone away. Her pay packet’s not enough; loans…