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Lord Kennedy

Lord Kennedy of Southwark is a Labour and Cooperative peer and shadow minister of communities, housing and local government. he is also a Lewisham councillor

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The transformative effect

Lord Kennedy

Not everyone wants to devolve decision making, maybe they see it as too difficult, or they have a very clear view of what a community should accept and nothing is going to change their mind. Maybe sometimes people struggle with the concept: that by devolving decision making you can actually deliver the policy objectives you…


Where next for the people’s party?

Lord Kennedy

Having worked in the West Midlands regional office during the general election campaign, Lord Roy Kennedy reflects on Labour’s electoral successes and how the party can build on these in the months and years to come. Harold Wilson famously told us ‘a week is a long time in politics.’ The prime minister has learnt that…


Transforming the country

Lord Kennedy

‘May you live in interesting times’ as the phrase says. Well few would dispute the fact that we have, ever since the exit poll on the night of the 2015 General Election which pointed to our worst fears – that for the first time since 1992 we would elect a majority Tory government in the…