Rushanara Ali MP

Rushanara Ali is member of parliament for Bethnal Green and Bow and shadow minister for education.

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Can Labour reach beyond the metropolitan elite?

Rushanara Ali MP

The result of the 2015 general election saw Labour retreat to the cities. We racked up our worst performance in terms of share of the vote. We lost seats, or failed to gain our targets, in towns, in suburbs, in rural areas, and in coastal towns, from Bolton to Southampton, from Gower to Morley &…


Education for 21st century Britain

Rushanara Ali MP

Can Labour change Britain? The answer is yes. No other political party, no other political movement has done more to shape the modern UK. Labour shaped the last century for the better through its bold and ambitious post-war effort and the 1945 Attlee government which paved the way for the NHS, state education system for…